All businesses are exposed to risk. From the big conglomerate to start-up businesses, organizations operate within the pervasive economic uncertainty added to local challenges specific to each territory's business environment. Together these risks create a convolution of risks that hinder business performance and drive today's global crisis. They affect your business' growth and profitability and continuity to recuperate from crisis and business interruptions. Businesses are left with high operating costs, increased compliance and lower interest rates.

Today's global, interrelated and competitive economy requires that businesses implement effective strategies to manage daily processes, possible business disruptions, and be resilient to survive for the future. Having to encounter with major risks in customer retention, increased dependence on third parties, the impact of social media, increased regulations and increased need for effective governance in a changing your business and consumer environment are driven to establish the most relevant plans, processes, policies and procedures to remain relevant in the market, overcome adverse circumstances and stay on target in meeting the business objectives.

How we serve you:
• CELTICAssurance uses a holistic approach to risk management, increase accountability and ownership of risks, increase compliance, increase risk culture and increase risk awareness. We apply best practice and industry standards in strengthening your Control Environment, using Risk Maps, IRM Risk Management Process, ISO31000 and COSO Risk and Control Framework (RACK).

• By using Three Lines of Defence Risk Governance & ISO 31000 ERM Framework, we help you to embed risk management using a top down approach and report from bottom up in a structured manner, while holding the relevant areas of the business accountable for managing their risks with the guidance of a risk management role in the business. We use qualitative and quantitative risk analysis methods, alongside other methods.

• We use a holistic approach to business continuity to help your business increase its resilience and recover and continue business operations within the required Response Time Objective (RTO)PO), in the event that it has been impacted by business disruption risks including natural disaster, supply chin, operational risk and global business risk. We also map and assess the interdependencies within your business and with third parties to respond to required resources and the need to be operational within the RTO. We are guided by BS25999 Business Continuity Management Lifecycle to embed BCM in the organization.

What We Do:
CELTICAssurance uses risk management techniques to support achieving growth and minimizes potential damages from speculative risks such as commercial and organizational risks, human threats, financial investments, etc. CELTICAssurance Risk Consulting offers customized, innovative, diverse risk management services and solutions across a comprehensive range of risks in various industries and sectors.

Our experienced consultants provide the specialized expertise required by today's organizations to effectively manage risk, meet business objectives, realize opportunities and be successful. Together with our risk business partners and professional affiliations, we give our client access to global techniques and standards to support our engagements with your business. We create an unbeatable team to help you manage your risks in a hostile economic climate.

  • Operational, Strategic & Market Risk
    • Data & Process Risk
    • Social Risk
    • Social Media Risk
    • Risk Culture & Appetite
    • Project Risk
    • Risk Assessment & Modeling
    • Global Business Risks
    • Market Risk Analysis
    • Reputational Risk
    • Corporate Social Responsibility
    • Supply Chain Risk
    • Risk Management Training
    • Strategic Risk Analysis
    • Risk Management Survey
  • Business Continuity
    • Business Continuity Plan
    • Business Recoverability & Availability Strategy
    • Business Impact Analysis
    • Business Continuity Test
    • Current State Analysis
    • BCP Governance Team Training
  • Enterprise Risk Management & Corporate Governance
    • ERM Design & Implementation
    • ERM Training
    • ERM Capability Assessment
    • EM Application Software
    • Risk Governance
    • Effective Board Advisory
    • Governance & Transparency