Our years of experience in business development will give you our valued customer a competitive edge based on our techniques to undertake your proposals, communication plan, human resource plan, policies, human resource capacity building training sessions, business plan, capacity building, building your business online presence, business process review, public private partnership, and business improvement advisory. Your engagements with us will be supported by diverse experience.

CELTIC Assurance human resource bilingual skills in Spanish and English are valuable. We use a collaborative approach to meet client needs and focus on customer satisfaction with high focus on having great interpersonal skills to impact positively on the customer's operations and profits.

  • Areas of Service:

    • Public Private Partnership
    • Business Plan & Strategy
    • Spanish Translation
    • Proposal Writing
    • Training
    • Research
    • Communication Plan
    • Business Process
    • Project Management
    • Building Internet Visibility
    • Stakeholder Analysis