Usain Bolt 9.79 Defeats Justin Gatlin

Meet Resilience

Watch "Usain Bolt 9.79 Defeats Justin Gatlin 100m Final IAAF World Champs 2015" on YouTube - Finally found the 100m commentary summary video clip of the 100m race in the IAAF World Champs 2015!! That moment when the media is in one accord. The commentary on the "Usain vs Gatlin" 100 m race in Beijing was off the chart awesome. The BBC was suggested to have been biased. The media house spoke as though their life savings was bet on the race, with a "Lost His Voice", "Uncontrollably About To Have Diarrhea After Screaming, "Volcanic" commentary towards Usain's victory.

They described the milliseconds of the race to the end, so much so that they could not hold back what "they deemed" as the truth about the race and more so, Usain. Now on the ordinary day, the media speaks what they deem as their perspective/their truth about the information they share and it may be often felt as being harsh on many when they get dunked by the media. That's normally passed as, the media being the media.

But on this fair day in Beijing when the world almost tipped over in seeing Usain's comeback, to win a race that many may have bet their money that he was not fit enough to win, the media responded in their own truth which may be interpreted as, Usain has earned the position of "Sir Usain" or "Knight Usain" and set himself apart from his competitors. On this day, the media was not horrible but instead nice to one man, and voices nevertheless sounded from the creek shouting, that wasn't fair - you didn't honour the guy who came 2nd also!

Well stop and let me off, as the world is about to end!!!!! (The point where we run due to the apocalypse) Is it that we've become so accustomed to being the abused girlfriend that we don't know when a good man comes along and treats us only with respect & good climatic heaven experience? If so, then we may need help! Simply cudos to Usain, the man who stands in the arena of Gladiators with a smile, wins the hearts of his viewers and somehow melts their heart with his charm even when under pressure and fights nail bitingly to the end to come out as victor even when faced with the odds against him. You've done yourself well. Not anyone else, but this victory is for you. You are the epiphany of Resilience. Cheers!