Published on November 8, 2015 on Linkedin

Congratulations PM Justin Trudeau, Leadership by Example to companies and countries on "Corporate Governance Risk - Diversity in Leadership". He's balanced: gender, portfolios matching experiences, culturally, religion...... PM Justin has 1 check box right already on this. Canada has been a leader in diversity and inclusiveness. They usually walk the talk! With their historically risk averse way of leadership, they're a leader even as the Government implemented even a Risk Management System for their government to use to influence in having risk aware decision making. One country down and 195 more to go. May we all learn from Canada!

Life Development Tips
Published on July 19, 2015 on Linkedin

LIFE DEVELOPMENT TIPS from China's richest - Jack Ma and My Assessment I assessed the LIFE DEVELOPMENT TIPS from China's richest, Jack Ma and thought, I may not have had this guide all my life, but its not too late to align ones life with our dreams with a clear path through our stages of development. Besides, it's good advice from Jack Ma. It may be perfect timing for someone. Life's mistakes are actual opportunities. This is like my specialization in Risk Management, where it depends on the angle that you look at a risk, as its also an opportunity.

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26 Bankers Jailed
Published on October 31, 2015 on Linkedin

Iceland jails 26 bankers with a total of 75 years jailed timed combined, while ‪#‎banks‬ in the other side of the world typically get a ‪#‎bailout‬. The 2000 and then 2007/8 financial crisis left many people poorer and bank leaders wealthier with not enough impact felt on ‪#‎CorporateGovernance‬, ‪#‎BusinessEthics‬ and ‪#‎ConsequensesOfMisconduct‬. Organizations' performance will fluctuate with the tides of their risk drivers. However, those with the responsibility to lead are accountable for the decisions made When these decisions are made while clearly not being in favour of critical stakeholders, leaders are to be...

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Meet Resilience
Published on August 27, 2015 on Linkedin

Watch "Usain Bolt 9.79 Defeats Justin Gatlin 100m Final IAAF World Champs 2015" on YouTube - Finally found the 100m commentary summary video clip of the 100m race in the IAAF World Champs 2015!! That moment when the media is in one accord. The commentary on the "Usain vs Gatlin" 100 m race in Beijing was off the chart awesome. The BBC was suggested to have been biased. The media house spoke as though their life savings was bet on the race, with a "Lost His Voice", "Uncontrollably About To Have Diarrhea After Screaming, "Volcanic" commentary towards Usain's victory.

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