"CELTICAssurance" uses diverse talents to drive success, manage challenges and has a passion for growth and increased awareness in effective IT, risk management and business development strategies, using global standards which considers our local and international clients' unique culture to increase their stakeholder value.


1. Leadership
2. Integrity
3. Quality
4. Customer satisfaction
5. People working together
6. A diverse & involved team
7. Good corporate Citizen


At CELTICAssurance our interdisciplinary collaborative team is focused on building holistic risk management, strengthening business resilience for continuity, building risk awareness, strengthening your technology resources to meet your needs and capabilities and build a more accountable risk governance. We are guided by global ethical standards and the confidence of our client is at our core.

• CELTICAssurance dynamic expertise in our human capital a great part of our market advantage. We are equipped to provide professional services in Risk Management, Information Technology & Business Development. We provide technical assistance and capacity building to various industries and have significant experience in the design and delivery of sound projects due to our great project management skills. We are positioned in the market to provide human capital that is diverse, possessing unique skills which are adaptable in a multicultural environment. Our human capital has over 45 years varying combined experience and knowledge from the information technology, financial, hospitality, tourism, public service, customer relations management and education industries alongside the non government organization and specific graduate knowledge.

• We have developed key business partnerships to provide our clients with bespoke service delivery. We leverage on building partnerships to provide the needed human capital and global resources in serving our clients.

• CELTICAssurance is committed to research to support client engagements as we understand our client's need and we keep track of our complex and constantly changing risks of our clients' global business and market conditions. We engage in platforms that create knowledge sharing and give our clients vital access to global methodologies and research to support our engagements.

• Our human capital qualification includes Institute of Risk Management (IRM) Member, a Certified Insurance Institute (CII) Ordinary Member. They've achieved including BSc Computer Science Engineer, MSc Risk Management, BSc Computer Science, Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), MSc Accounting, BSc Management Studies and Sage 300 ERP Certified Consultant.